My rating system

Since I’ve started my blog, I’ve posted a good handful or two of reviews, but I’ve never shared the way my mind works when it comes to rating those books. Everyone has different standards when it comes to their rating and two people might have four stars on the same book, but for completely different reasons. So today I’m going to share with you my reasons.

-howi ratebooks-

The above graphic is pretty straight forward, but I just wanted to further elaborate for you guys. So let’s start from the bottom.

  • 1 star
    – I rate every book I read, so obviously this is the worst it could get.
    – It’s not that I necessarily hated the book or thought it was horrible. It could have been an extremely well loved book with many high ratings. But all in all, it’s just my opinion.

I base the rating of the books entirely on my enjoyment, to be completely honest. I know some people take a critiquing approach, but there’s often times when I close a book and automatically think, this is an average three stars for me. Sometimes I have to sit on it and decide what to rate it a few days later.

  • 1.5 stars
    – I wanted to touch on the half stars because there was no space on the graphic.
    – It may seem obvious, but half stars are basically a mix between the two ratings, I like to think.
    – So a 1.5 star rating means I’ve probably finished the book, but it wasn’t very memorable and I didn’t enjoy it. I might recommend it if I think there’s something someone else might enjoy or be able to take from it.

You get the idea. It’s quite apparent, but as I’ve already stated, everyone rates differently. I just thought a little different post today would be nice for a change and decided to share my system. So in the comments, how do you rate the books you read? Do you rate every one or are there any you’ve left undecided?

Thanks for reading!

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