Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)
It is the middle of the summer, but there is an unseasonal mist pressing against the windowpanes. Harry Potter is waiting nervously in his bedroom at the Dursleys’ house in Privet Drive for a visit from Professor Dumbledore himself. One of the last times he saw the Headmaster was in a fierce one-to-one duel with Lord Voldemort, and Harry can’t quite believe that Professor Dumbledore will actually appear at the Dursleys’ of all places. Why is the Professor coming to visit him now? What is it that cannot wait until Harry returns to Hogwarts in a few weeks’ time? Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts has already got off to an unusual start, as the worlds of Muggle and magic start to intertwine…

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 It’s been weeks since I’ve read this and the only reason I’ve waited so long to write this review is because after the loss of my favorite character, I jumped straight into this one only to discover another loss, even though I was spoiled and knew ahead of time. A tip for the future, if you haven’t read the series or the last few books at least (starting from book five), take breaks in between or else you’ll become emotionally drained. You’re probably saying, but Ember, that’s what we bookworms do! I know. I do, but if you do it like me and most likely every other reader there is, you’ll become a sleepless zombie with jumbled thoughts and a muddled heart that has been stabbed repeatedly. It has not been a fun ride, so let’s just move onto the list.

  1. I only have to say one thing about Snape. I knew it.
  2. And keep in mind that that ‘I knew it‘ is said about more than one thing.
  4. I know I pointed it out in the last review as well, but I’m so glad about Ginny’s character development.
  5. Am I the only one who didn’t care for Slughorn?
  6. I will forever have a special place in my heart for Draco, my poor little baby 😦
  7. If there are two things that I want most from the Hogwarts world, it would be the Pensieve and the Half-blood Prince’s potions book.
  8. Pointless relationships. That’s all I have to say about that. You guys should know by now how I feel about this topic. Not a fan.
  10. And lastly, let’s just take a moment for Dumbledore. I admire his weird personality when he uses the names of candy as his office password or the moments when there’s something like a small inside joke between him and Harry. Most feared wizard, yet always patient and kind. I understand why he was one to look up to for many.
  11. This book, though, kind off turned me off of him. He seemed to be holding back a lot from Harry, letting him wonder what the hell is going on, and sneaking around so long before explaining to Harry what he was doing. Then when we (and Harry) get some kind of answer, he drags it on so long instead of just outright explaining shit. “Watch closely … Pay attention … You’ll need to remember this later.” “Keep in mind that Tom collects things, Harry.” *approximately 4 weeks later* “These trophies Tom collects are horcruxes, Harry. I need you to achieve this memory as soon as possible in order to find out what a horcrux is (even though I could just tell you right now).”
  12. So, much respect to Dumbledore for trying his best to keep these babies safe, but I just don’t understand his ways.

With further ado, I want to say rest in peace to the one we all lost. You won’t be forgotten. ♥

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5 thoughts on “Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

  1. I’m now rereading this one. I didn’t care much for Slughorn either but I like that his character provides an alternate view of Slytherins that they aren’t all evil. I first read this in high school when it had just came out and it was such a nuisance to my psych teacher that everyone was reading instead of paying attention to the lesson that he spoiled the ending for us. Is this your first time reading the series?

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