A blog update

Hey everyone! As I began producing my Top 5 Wednesday post for this week, I realized I didn’t have many options for the topic so I decided instead to take this time to tell you what’s going to happen with Literary Constellation.

With the start of a new year, I knew I wanted to take blogging more seriously and as I’ve been seeing more and more people redesigning their own blogs, it’s inspired me to revamp mine as well. So not that a lack of posting will be something new, but there’s a reason for it this time! I’ve spent over the past week coming up with new ideas and putting them into works. I’m hoping by this time next week, if not sooner, Literary Constellation will have a completely new look.

Along with the new design, I want to bring to you more (hopefully helpful) content, so with that comes weekly scheduled posts! I’m not quite sure yet about how many times I will post a week, but once I figure it out, I hope you all will enjoy what I put out there for you. Please be patient with me for the time being and I’ll be back up to full speed as soon as I can! Thank you! 😊

sign off


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