Do you like to multi-read?

reading multiple books

Hellllooo! Today I bring to you a discussion post in which I challenge the abilities your mind is capable of. In which I mean, are you able to read more than one book at a time?

Since last month was NaNoWriMo, I wanted to get as much reading done in October as possible (which I only read slightly more than usual but oh well). Anyway, I wanted to get other people’s opinions on it because I think it has both it’s pros as well as cons.

So, here are my lists of them.


  1. When you’re a writer and your mind is a little drained of inspiration, reading two or more books could bring that little spark back, AMIRIGHT?
  2. You’re knocking two+ books off your TBR sooner than you would have later on!
  3. I imagine most people might do this during readathons? Well, doing this on your own time will help prepare you for those readathons.
  4. You get the best of all worlds; when you’re feeling up for that light, fluffy read you started the other night, go ahead and pick up that contemporary! Maybe you’re in the mood for some fantastical beasts, you’ve got that option, too.
  5. Say you have a long ride ahead of you but you don’t want to lug that hardback novel you’re in the middle of… no problem! Just go grab those couple of shorter book you’ve been meaning to read.


  1. It might slow you down a bit. (And by a bit, I mean a lotttttt)
  2. You might get scenes/books mixed up and think something happened in this book when it actually happened in that book. Oops.
  3. Or if you’re pretty good with keeping the events straight with each book, you might miss smaller details which can lead to confusion in the end.
  4. More interest in one book might cause you to put down another book for a while, and then gradually, just… not pick it up again.
  5. Maybe you just finished one book and it leaves you in a wrecked mess? Then you have no motivation to continue any of these other books you were in the middle of. Just great, right?

Although I’m guilty for all of the cons and for reading three, sometimes even four books at once, my opinions on the subject are still quite mixed. Have you experienced these things while doing so? Do you have anything to add to these lists of pros and cons? What are your opinions on multi-reading? Are you a fellow multi-reader?


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