DNF Review: Minotaur

MinotaurMinotaur by J.A. Rock
Series: No
Published: October 19th 2015 by Riptide Publishing
Pages: 275pg.
Format: e-ARC / Source: Netgalley
Genres: Young adult, Fantasy, Glbt

Goodreads synopsis:
Know this: I am not a warrior. I am a disease.

When I was six, my parents died.

When I was sixteen, I was locked away in Rock Point Girls’ Home. Nobody wants to deal with a liar. An addict. A thief.

Nobody except Alle. She is pure, and she’s my friend in spite of all the rotten things I am.

There was once another girl like me—long ago. A cast-off daughter. A lying little beast who left a red stain across the land with her terrible magic. She’s imprisoned now in a maze high up on the cliffs. They say she’s half woman, half bull. They say she dines on human tributes and guards a vast treasure. They say she was born wicked.

But I know her better than the history books or stories do. She and I dream together. Our destinies are twisted up like vines.

Except I’m not going to turn out wicked like she is. I can save myself by destroying her. I’m going to break out of this place, and I’m going to enter the labyrinth and take her heart.

And once I’m redeemed, maybe Alle will love me.

1 stars

*I was provided an eARC by Riptide Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

*DNF’d at 46%


I feel the synopsis kind of cheats you because it’s saying in past tense that she’s been in a girl’s home, but that’s not the case. The novel takes place in the girl’s home during the entirety of what I’ve read and it’s unfortunate to say that not much has happened, even though I’d been about half way through already. After reading, I’m not sure if this was suppose to be a book about a girl, with an out-of-nowhere interest in the minotaur, trying to discover herself or a girl in the life of an orphanage. Either way, it was nothing that I’d been expecting and that’s so disappointing because I feel like the plot has such great potential.


I could not relate to any of the characters whatsoever. Thera, our protagonist, was rather frustrating and unlikable, to say the least. The character development in this book, in my opinion, was rather said outright than shown. In the beginning, we’re told that Thera was, hypothetically, a bully and while we’re given examples as to how, we’re still not shown. Then we’re told that as the months pass, Thera has become nicer and dramatically so after Alle had arrived, but it’s still not showing how she’s any nicer when she’s only just stopped hanging out with everyone else but Alle altogether.

final thoughts

I went into this book expecting adventure, mythology, lgbt themes, and just an overall badass book, but I was disappointed when I realized that’s not what this book is at all. While there is an lgbt theme, it was lacking in many other places. I wanted to like this book. I really did! And I kept telling myself I’d give it a little longer before it will give me what I’ve been expecting, but as the days passed, I just kept coming up with excuses not to read any more of it because I wasn’t interested in continuing.

Thanks for reading!

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