Old school vs. Technology

Hi friends! Today I bring you a slightly different post. A writing post. Since the very beginning of this year, I have been planning and planning for a story that I could bring to life. I’ve brainstormed and researched and wrote only to come to the point of having to do it all over again. In these past two days, I’ve written 2,432 words for this story that I’ve put so much thought and work and love into. And while that may not seem like much, that is approximately 2,432 words more than I have written in these past few months.

So you’re probably thinking now, “Okay, Ember, what exactly is the point of this post?”

Well, remember how I said I’ve already wrote something for this story at some point during this year? It took me three months to get double the amount of words as it did in just these past two days.
“Why?” you ask.
“I don’t know.” I shrug.
Perhaps it was my lack of motivation. My lack of inspiration. My lack of confidence. Or maybe it wasn’t any of those reasons. What I’m trying to point out, is that during those three months, I was writing by paper and pen. During these past two days, I’d been writing on my laptop.

When I write by paper and pen, there is something real to that and something about it that comforts me — maybe it’s because it reminds me of school and it’s bittersweet — but writing that way, I feel like I’m not writing to my fullest. It’s a much slower process and I feel when I’m writing, my brain goes much faster than my hand can so I lose most of my thoughts.

When I’m writing on my laptop, there’s no losing my train of thought because I’m already caught up with the speed of my brain. I type way faster than I write, so when I’m typing as fast as my thoughts come. There’s no time for my brain to wander off track and forget that minor detail that I may never have thought of during planning. It speeds up my word count because as I said, writing with pen and paper is a much slower process and I can only get half the writing done than I would on a computer in one day.

So I leave you with a question: Which do you prefer?


6 thoughts on “Old school vs. Technology

  1. I have to admit, I prefer typing my stories than physically writing it. And with my school notes, although I’ll write it out with pen in class, I’ll usually type it out when I get home so it’s more legible I guess (I don’t have the neatest handwriting). Although when I did Camp NaNoWriMo I did write about 2000 words by hand because my dad took the laptop… 😛

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