Top 5 Wednesday || Favorite things about blogging

Hey! Today I’m back with another t5w and I’m sharing my top five favorite things about blogging 🙂 I’ve only just started my blog last month, but I’ve already found so many things that I love about it.

This meme was created by Lainey @ GingerReadsLainey on Youtube. You can find the Goodreads group here.

Top 5 Wednesday

5. Discovering
Before booktube or blogging, I’d only read Nicholas Sparks and anything I seen that struck my interest. I never heard of Goodreads before booktube, never heard of any of the authors/books I read today, and never knew there was as many genres as there are. I was completely blind to the whole world of books before this.

4. Tags and memes
Tags are so fun because you get to know stuff about other people that you may never think to ask or learn about them otherwise. It’s also another way to discover things, depending on the tag.

3. Sharing opinions
Before blogging, I never had anybody to talk about books with and share my opinion/thoughts. Nobody that I’m close to is a big reader so no one would ever know what I’m talking about if I tried sharing my opinion to them. So now that I’ve made a blog, it’s been nice to get some of my thoughts out.

2. Meeting others
It’s nice to know there are so many other people who share the same interests and likes as me. Of course I knew there were obviously people who liked books just as well, but I didn’t know that there were millions upon millions who not only shared my interest, but shared my opinions too.

1. The community
This goes hand in hand with meeting others, because as I said, I hadn’t known how many people were involved in the world of books. Not only when I made this blog last month, but when I started watching videos and leaving comments to discuss a book, everybody I’ve ever talked to was always so nice. The community is so warm and welcoming and I couldn’t be happier in any others.

I feel like most everybody’s top 5 will be close to the same, but all things said are true. Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what else you love about blogging/booktube 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday || Favorite things about blogging

  1. you’re right, very similar kind of lists from everybody today! we share a number of them 🙂 like you I was literally SO BLIND WHAT EVEN to books before I started blogging/reading others blogs. I didn’t realise there were so many genres and so much CHOICE even when it was all staring me smack bang in the face in book shops haha. great list!

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  2. I figured that many list today would look similar which shows the positivity and love for blogging. Since you mentioned booktube in your question at the end, I just want to share that some booktubers spread the joy for reading and they are entertaining as well.

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