5 possibly odd reading habits

Hey! Everybody has their own habits, even when it comes to reading, so I’m sharing five of mine with you today! I seen someone else’s post like this, but I forget whose it was so I can’t link them unfortunately. I don’t know who originally started it, but I seen Precious’ post last night @ Clockworkdesires and thought it would be fun to make my own 🙂

  1. Checking how many pages there are
    Like Precious, I always check the number of pages a book has before starting to read it. Also, checking the number of pages a chapter is before continuing. I don’t know why exactly I do it, but I do with every single book.
  2. Judging the book by the cover
    Now what I mean by this is that I decide what to read next by the cover. I feel like this is such a ridiculous thing to do because most people choose by what they feel like reading and because of this I’m left in a reading slump quite often. I really should break this habit.
  3. Reading aloud
    Alright, I don’t really mean aloud, but if I’m alone while I’m reading I sometimes whisper to myself. I don’t know if I just get tired of reading in my head, or if maybe it’s too quiet at the time or it could just help to slow the pace down when I think I’m reading too fast. I do it often though, to be honest.
  4. No bookmarks
    I hate using bookmarks. No matter how cute they are or whatever, I hate using them. I always have for some reason. So I just rely on Goodreads to remind me, but since I always stop at the end of a chapter, I’m usually good with remembering what page I was on.
  5. Skimming the pages
    This might go along with why I read aloud to slow the pace, but I often find myself skimming the pages and while this doesn’t mess up reading for me, sometimes my mind can drift off and I’m still skimming but not actually taking the words in. Which that could lead to going back and re-reading.

Does anyone else have these habits? Do you have any that are unlike mine? Let’s talk in the comments!

Have a great day,
Ember ♥


8 thoughts on “5 possibly odd reading habits

  1. It’s funny that you don’t like bookmarks. I am totally against bending back pages, but I love a cute bookmark. I actually had the same bookmark for 8 years before I lost it last year. I am sad that it went missing, but it was starting to fall apart!
    My weird reading habit is to plan out the books I am going to read 3 or 4 in advance. I own 30 books I haven’t read yet and I am trying to plan out how I will read them all while blithely buying more books!

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  2. Hm, I don’t do any of these except for #1, but I do judge books by their covers, although it doesn’t influence my next read.


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